Your Local Digital Agency

Little Kommerce is the little agency for local businesses.

Our business is here to support you as a small business with your online presence.

  • Need a website, that’s no problem.
  • Have some marketing budget but don’t know where to spend it – that’s no problem too.
  • Simply need someone to chat to – yep that’s us too.

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Since 2009 UK businesses have been spending more on digital advertising than on TV adverts

Who Are We?

We are a company called Understand Digital and we created Little Kommerce at the start of 2015. Understand Digital is run by a team of digital veterans who have run a variety of successful online businesses.

In 2013 we launched a proprietary digital analytics platform called ImpactTag. At the heart of any online business is data and the need to understand whats happening. ImpactTag now tracks millions of visitors for clients each month resulting in intelligence from many millions of pounds worth of sales.

Understand Digital has evolved and we now provide consultants and marketing staff into businesses of all sizes who need support with their digital strategy. Little Kommerce has been specially set-up to cater for smaller to medium sized digital companies.

  • Understand Digital
  • ImpactTag

I Need A Website

A website, an app, a social media page, a responsive site, landing pages, an ecommerce store, the list goes on of where your businesses digital footprint can be placed.

Before investing in a digital location for your business we’ll carefully tie your marketing plans together with the right place for your visitors to interact with you. We work across a number of technologies using in-house staff, carefully selected agencies and a number of software as a solution providers to ensure you use the best solution for you.

Digital Marketing

Unfortunately the internet is not like running a bricks and mortar retail business and people simply don't walk past your door. Our team here will guide you through the best digital channels for your business both paid and earned. We can help you budget and plan for the future. Our teams are also able to run campaigns for you if you don't have the time.

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